Hello and Welcome, I'm Kathy McKenzie
Hypnotic Guide & Spiritual Healer
With a rich tapestry of professional experiences, I am a seasoned practitioner in the realms of hypnosis, spiritual counseling, Reiki, and end-of-life support. Two years ago, I made the conscious decision to transition away from the corporate environment, propelled by a desire to delve deeper into holistic healing and personal transformation. My journey began in an office from junior to office manager to executive assistant. I spent eight years as a part-time professor at Durham College, where taught in the Business, IT & Management school. Prior to that, I contributed my expertise to The Manchester College in the UK for three years. These experiences honed my skills in education and mentorship, laying a solid foundation for my future endeavors. I spent eight years in Personal Banking at a prominent Canadian bank. Here, I cultivated a wealth of experience in personal finance, empowering clients to navigate their financial landscapes with confidence and clarity. My commitment to social impact led me to serve as a Financial Administrator at a Women's Domestic Violence Shelter in Canada, where I played a pivotal role in supporting vulnerable individuals on their journey to empowerment and independence. Driven by a passion for advocacy and education, I volunteered as a facilitator for the Daughter Project, delivering courses to young girls to raise awareness against human trafficking. This experience instilled in me a profound sense of purpose and further deepened my commitment to fostering holistic well-being. Drawing upon my diverse background in academia, finance, and social services, I embarked on the entrepreneurial path, founding Hypnosis & Healing. Here, I integrate hypnotic techniques, spiritual counseling, Reiki energy healing, and compassionate end-of-life support to guide clients on their healing journey. My mission is not only to address surface-level issues but to facilitate profound healing and transformation at a deeper level.
In 2020 I was faced with a tremendous loss of my support network; my husband passed away within 8 weeks of being diagnosed with esophageal cancer and my mum 8 months later with lung cancer. Both were my backbone, moral compasses, and my love and support. I felt very lost and with no indication of how I would survive without them. I was back in a place of darkness, the pain was immense, and the waves could have pushed me over the edge. I knew I could not give up, no matter how hurt I felt. I was still practicing my hypnosis and meditation every day. I knew as before when I had Breast Cancer that this was the only thing to get me through. As, previously, I had learnt, that no-one could help me; no matter who they were, they were not there with me at my darkest times, it was just me. Me alone, crying on the floor in the night screaming for myself and what I had lost. Every day felt like "Ground Hog Day". Thankfully, I had my cats & dogs, I had reason to get up in the morning, I try not to think of what my life would be like if I didn't have them. I was fed up with healing; I just wanted to be well and strong and get through this but it was taking time. I kept my faith, as hard as it was, I had to believe all this pain was for something. I continued to practice every day, sometimes twice a day. Somehow, my mind started becoming clearer again, although I could not plan anything (I was afraid it would be taken away), I continued to practice, and seek support by connecting with like-minded people and groups. It wasn't easy but nothing worth it is. Slowly but surely, my mind started to become clearer and I started to attract more of what I needed and less of what I did not need.
As your Hypnotic Guide, Reiki Practitioner, and Spiritual Counsellor, I will ensure that you are in a safe and supportive space to explore your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. I will use my intuition, knowledge and experience to help you understand yourself better and to make positive changes in your life. I will also provide you with the tools and resources you need to continue your healing journey on your own. I believe that everyone has the potential to heal and grow, and I am honored to be a part of your journey.
What People Say
I had three online sessions with Kathy and really feel like it has made a difference in my life. I was nervous and Kathy was great at talking me through everything and spent extra time with me to make sure I was comfortable. She went above and beyond in sending me extra guidance and exercises to complete between sessions. I am really glad I went outside my comfort zone and gave this a try. I think the hypnosis has had a very positive impact and I've continued to use the exercises even after the sessions. Thank you, Kathy!
Natalie Worsfold - Toronto

Today’s session was a powerful one. You are truly gifted.
I would like to book another session!

Catherine - Port Hope

This was my first hypnosis experience. Kathy was kind, and patient. I felt relaxed and positive. It was a pleasant experience, I will rebook!

Melanie Charles - Whitby

Kathy McKenzie is an excellent listener and actually helped me to hear the limitations I was putting on my myself and hypnotized me to begin to create my new story, letting go of the past. Her space is warm and welcoming, as is she.

I had a reiki treatment with Kathy and it helped me tremendously
I highly recommend Hypnosis & Healing treatments by Kathy

Ingrid Aird

I have never done hypnosis before and upon immediately meeting Kathy she instantly put my mind at ease. She has a very calm and soothing voice and her sessions have definitely helped me with my ongoing health goals. I truly believe that without the help of Kathy I would not have had my current successes and will continue the sessions with her while I remain on this path. She is a nurturing, kind & caring person who genuinely wants to help you!

Wendy Sweet - Peterborough

I have done a bunch of different types of energy healing before but never hypnosis, honestly it was never on my list of things I would even want to try. Then I met Kathy, she is so welcoming, calming and informative. I was unsure if she would even be successful at getting me hypnotized but turns out it takes her very little time. I have had experiences from emotional release to spiritual connections. I can't wait to continue to work with Kathy and see what else can come from working with her. Thank you Kathy !

I had three I had three hypnosis sessions by Zoom with Kathy and really loved all the positive affirmations each time. After the first session I noticed a quickening in my healing from the fatigue of long Covid. My mood improved, with increased optimism, and a growing confidence. It surprised me that I felt more beautiful inside and out. After hypnosis I was able to fall asleep quickly without my mind dwelling on worries. I slept more hours as well which really improved my life in so many ways. After one session Kathy suggested that when I felt anxious change the thought to excitement as the mind and body do not know the difference. It works!!!

Carol Newman - Cobourg

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